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Patented U.S. D542,357. Our patented design is virtually impossible to tip, giving it better handles for the header and a shot for the heeler to hit the trap everytime.

Built Tough. They feature tough construction to withstand tons of practicing while remaining lightweight and portable to take to ropings and rodeos.

Realistic. Four ultra-fast wheels, weighted, swinging back legs that stretch out for the heeler, and a head that moves up to 360 degrees, providing you with the realist roping action.

Stable. The Smarty's patented and engineered design makes our product virtually impossible to tip over. It's design is balanced giving you a better handle.

Variety. Mix it up with inter-changable calf heads, steer heads, and heeling systems. Simple minds has the dummy with options to meet all your needs. One body, multiple head and heeling possibilities.

Fun. Many sizes and colors to choose from including, table top toys, pool toys, and calf dummies. Customize them with your colors, brand, or name.

Made in The U.S.A. !

Sizes. A full line of dummies and roping toys for everyone, toddlers to adults.

Simple. We live by our name. Our simple, patented and highly effective roping products let you focus on what matters, ROPING! No hay, no hassle, simply a full line of products that give you the best roping practice available out there.


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This is the ultimate place for all your roping dummy needs.   Our products are all patented and guaranteed.  Each one has its own purpose and ability.  The heads will reposition in many different realistic positions.  Our Tuffy 08' consists of all terrain tires that are placed on the outside of our  Smarty.  Both the Smarty and the Tuffy will give good handles and realastic practice.  They also have new heeling back legs that provide better placement. Checkout these Hot Products, or our Additional Products.
Quality Guaranteed with 100% satisfaction!

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