This is the ultimate way to practice perfecting your roping skills. Does all the same training adjustments as our line up.  This product is the only one that has two adjustments for the back legs. 
You can position them straight or wide.  Simply built Tuff and has gravity weighted legs for multiple kicking shots.  Never have another wore out roping steer! NO FEED REQUIRED, EASY MAINTENENCE, AND




"If you can dish it, TUFFY Can Take it!".  Same body stlye as our smarty.  Now combined with some Burly off road wheels so you can push, pull and practice your heading and heeling in sand, mud, gravel or dirt with no problems.  Head moves 360 degrees and tilts for realistic practice - Back legs are weighted, swing realistically and pull taught for great heeling practice - Provides a great handle and realistic practice for both ends!  $325.00  (Patent #D542,357)


Look out Marco Polo!  Removeable sea legs make this toy skim across the water providing hours of fun in or out of the pool.  19"x7" with a 10" horn span.  Ropes included!  $59.00 
(Patent #D542,357)
  This is our ever-popular oversized table toy. Perfect for the commercial breaks between your favorite T.V. shows . 2 wooden wheels allows it to turn a 360 in tight spaces or on a table. Measures 19"x7" with a 10" horn span. Ropes are included!  $59.00  (Patent #D542,357)





Jr. Bandit is the best choice for heading and heeling practice for confined areas.  This product replaced our Jr. Smarty.  It's nearly impossible to tip, has 4 fast wheels, head has same adjustment as all products and swinging legs.  Most realistic practice available! $159.00  (Patent #D542,357)

This roping calf is the only way to get all your calf roping practice.  It is great for break-away and training colts. This product can be pulled with a moterized vehicle or by horseback. Comes with the ability to adjust the head in any position desired. This product is durable and can withstand most any roping practice going. It is also equiped with a protectived collar that keep the neck adjustment safe. $199.00 (Patent #D542,357)
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