Add an interchangable calf head to any Tuffy or Smarty! This head is easily assembled and can be put on in less than a min. This head has all the functions of the steer head!                         
(Patent #D542,357)    










 The Smarty is the GRAND DADDY OF EM' ALL!  He is the original version of our product lineup.  This ultimate roping dummy has started many learning the technique of roping.  With its multiple placement head and its realisic handles this product is a great training tool.  If you need a more universal version see our Tuffy.  This head can also be interchanged into a calf. $239.00.  (patent#D542,357)   

The Lo-Pro is the only dummy on the market for your YOUNG GUN! It has all the movable parts as the other products which allows this to teach the roping techenique.  It also provides them with the knowledge of roping and what steps they need to take to move up in our line up.  This product is best when roped with a chicken rope or a rope of that kind. $79.00 (Patent #D542,357)   

If you want to practice your calf roping or breakaway and dont ever intend to team rope, this is your Calf!  Recomended for breakaway, stable but light weight.  This Calf will stay in place when roped but easy to load in truck or trailer.  $109.00 (Patent #D542,357)

 The ultimate table toy!  This Pocket Roper has attitude and will travel where ever you go.  When you are ready to rope it is too.  The Pocket Roper will fit in a backpack or suitcase.  No more excuse not to rope no matter where you are.  $59.00  Patent #D542,357

Convert Your Smarty into a Tuffy!  Comes with hardware, easy to assemble.  This will allow your Smarty to go just as easy in mud, dirt, sand, gravel, snow and any other land you want to rope on.  With the light body style and this wheel you will have the same true handle as you have with your Smarty now.  $25.00 ea.
Need More speed!?  Wheels wore out check these out.  The original Smarty and Jr. Wheels, fast and furious.  They will travel awesome on concrete or cement and packed gravel and sand.   $7.00 ea.

Short horn 23" comes with neck conector.

This is an addition to our Tuffy and Smarty comes with ready to assemble attachment.  You can purchase the head with or without attachment.  $39.00

Use an Extreme on your Toughy, Smarty or Jr.  Perfect rope just for ropin' around.  Colors: Lime Green, Hot Pink, Bright Blue.
Use a Fire Cracker with your Jr. or especially a Lo-Pro, This rope was ment for it!  Colors:  Lime Green, Hot Pink, Bright Blue

This boot jack is handmade in Georgia and features American Hardwoods such as cherry, red oak, maple and ash. Each is unique and features a patent pending steer design rocker for everyday and display! $49.00

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